Manufacturing in Asia? ACP knows the (technical) way!

Besides supplying chair components, gas springs and dampers, we are first and foremost a supplier of know-how. More and more clients are therefore inviting us to advise them as early as the development phase. Our high-tech engineering software generates drawings and 3D simulations, while modern 3D printers give us the element of surprise, with rapid prototyping.


Extremely short turnaround times

In the world of chair components, our in-house mould engineers often consult on special requirements for an aluminium star base or plastic leg caps for example. Our own channels in China and Taiwan in particular, allow us to offer impressive turnaround times, with a first trial delivery sometimes within two months. In the industrial gas springs and dampers segment, there is particular demand for the combination of our technical know-how and our familiarity with the Asian producer market. We can buy in existing products for you or have special products manufactured to your specifications.


Welcome to Asia

We have been doing business in the Far East for nearly 20 years now. Our infrastructure is so extensive that we can also solve production issues far beyond our primary working field of chair components, gas springs and dampers. We recently supplied materials for clients in store interior design, container locks and stainless steel bolts for the noise barriers of the Dutch high-speed railway line, for example.

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1. Gas spring scissor mechanism
2. Kick-back gas spring

3. Friction gas spring

4. Aluminium cable ducting
5. Scizor mechanism
6. Folding armrest

7. TyreTrolley
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