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Aluminium cable ducting

No doubt you recognise the cable chaos. One big mess of loose cables and cords hanging around your workplace. It gets in the way of your work, is a source of dust, poses a threat of tripping and possible loss of data.

This cable ducting has therefore been designed to organise the cables on the floor. The durable product is made from 80% recycled aluminium and has two wide cable channels of 25 and 35mm. The cables are inserted at the top edge and there is a possibility of linking by using the metal strip attached in an integrated recess. You can choose for optimum grip on any surface, thanks to unique teeth on the bottom of the profile or the non-slip material.

Safety, health and comfort plays an important role in an ergonomically responsible workplace. The use of cable management at the workplace is an essential component in this. The cable ducting is available in various lengths, and can be cut to size.

This system was devised by one of our customers. A number of target groups have already been granted exclusive use. If you are interested in this product or in selling it, please contact one of our chair components staff; or

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