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This page contains a summary of companies and partners from our business of whom we think these could be for your interest as well.

The brand of chair gas cylinders that we sell with good success in the Benelux: Samhongsa

Our own brand of gas springs and dampers for Furniture and Industry: GASSPRINGS.EU

Tyretrolley, the product that was born out of a brainstorm “find new markets for a n existing product”. In the mean while we have sold already over 9.000 pcs. Now we are developing alternative solutions to reduce physical burden in (car)workshops.

HK living, a friend who started with a partner to sell antique furniture as a discounter but founded a new brand in home furniture only a few years ago. Nowadays they export to over 40 different countries very successfully:

Two Australian friends who own successful furniture factories. At this moment we are investigating synergy effects between our product ranges, markets and experiences:

Inside Information, the source for producer, architect and supplier to the furniture industry:

The best graphic design studio is in Dronten. Our website and new House style prove this. Fransje Leering is able to convert your feelings into a visual as it is nothing at Flinder design atelier:

Writing the perfect text and increase your find ability at search engines on the internet seems easy, but it is not. For the first time we hired a professional text writing bureau to write all text for our website. Are you looking for a clear and powerful team who is able to translate your ideas or text clearly on paper, we advise you to contact Accentgrave in Dronten.

In the mean time we own a few websites and domains. For the production, maintenance and registration we mainly do business with only two companies. We are very satisfied about what these companies mean for us. Are you looking for good web designers, please try:

VWA (own CMS).

Uw website kan (open source)

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