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ACP: a personal family firm

We believe in openness when doing business. After all, it's the long-term relationship with our clients and suppliers which counts. We call that the ‘win-win-win’ situation, throughout the chain.

Compact and transparent

It's probably due to us being a family firm. Founded in the early 1980s by father Barend Kroese, and in the capable hands of Barend Jan Kroese and his wife Suzanne since 2006. Thanks to international cooperation and participations, the Dutch head office has been kept compact and transparent: the complete sales and logistics is the responsibility of a team of around ten men/women. And to be honest, all our colleagues feel like family too.

The extra mile

Give us a call, to find out what we mean by the personal touch. We think along with you, send samples, produce quotations quickly, stay alert for keen prices, and always want to know whether we can go the extra mile for you. After all, chair components, gas springs and dampers are more than just a piece of technology to us.

TROS Radar Hot Shower

We are a wholesaler for professional clients. However, our service continues when needed by private customers too. When they're looking for a gas spring to renovate an old office chair, for example. Imagine our surprise when that gained us the Hot Shower commendation from the TROS Radar consumer programme, for services rendered!

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We think together with you,
send samples for reference,
make rapid quotations,
watch the right price and
hope to hear from your
where we can do something
extra. Please meet our team.

Meet our team

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