BA600.jpg BA600 Diameter400 mm Height90 mmBA600
BA612 Zosma.jpg BA612 / Zosma Diameter600 mm Height80 mmBA612
BA613 Altair.jpg BA613 / Altair Diameter600 mm Height135 mmBA613
BA614.png BA614 Diameter675 mm Height90 mmBA614
BA615 Fornacis.jpg BA615 / Fornacis Diameter550 mm Height8 mmBA615
BA616.png BA616 Diameter590 mm BA616
BA618.jpg BA618 / Fornacis Diameter470 mm Height9 mmBA618
BA618.jpg BA619 / Fornacis Diameter390 mm Height9 mmBA619
BA618.jpg BA620 / Fornacis Diameter470 mm Height9 mmBA620
BA618.jpg BA621 / Fornacis Diameter590 mm Height9 mmBA621
BA622.jpg BA622 / Chort Diameter390 mm Height9 mmBA622
BA622.jpg BA623 / Chort Diameter470 mm Height9 mmBA623

Please inform if our products are on stock, so you can not be confronted with additional transport costs.

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