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During a brainstorming session, the staff at ACP were given an assignment to work existing markets with a new product.That saw the birth of the Tyre Trolley.

The Tyre Trolley is designed as a helpmate for car and tyre firms, carrying 4 combinations of tyres at a time. This means that tyre fitters don’t have to waste time going backwards and forwards carrying heavy loads. In addition, “change sets” can be stored on the Tyre Trolley. In 2012, this product took part in the Innovation Top 100 – the top 100 of the best products and inventions in Holland.

We are getting increasing requests from the tyre trade and branch organisation for products that lessen the loads people have to carry. So, we developed the so-called ARBO Lift, which can easily raise the wheels for tyre-changing. We will be rolling out the first batch of these shortly.

You can use the TyreTrolley to move wheel-sizes up to 22 inches. Two versions are available – one with ø 50mm castors for smooth floors and ø 70mm castors for more uneven floors. For more information, check out the website:

Since the Tyre Trolley is a new product in a field that ACP does not normally operate in, but where there is a lot of potential, we are looking for distributors with a reputation in the tyre trade who could easily assimilate this product into their portfolio. If you are interested, please send us an email to

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