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Barend Jan1zw.jpg Barend Jan Kroese CEO bjk@acpi.nl My father Barend has founded ACP in 1982. In 1998 I started in the field as a sales representative. In 2007 I took over ACP.  Read more >Barend Jan Kroese
Suzanne1zw.jpg Suzanne Zoeteman Finance suzanne@acpi.nl

I am a mother of two lovely boys with who I am spending a lot of time. 


Read more >Suzanne Zoeteman
Abel2zw 240x158.jpg Abel Scholtens Sales Industry abel@acpi.nl

Besides my work at ACP I like odd jobs and gardening.


Read more >Abel Scholtens
Sandra2zw.jpg Sandra Hilbrands Sales chaircomponents sandra@acpi.nl

In my spare time I like to make long walks with my dog.

Read more >Sandra Hilbrands
Ronald1zw.jpg Ronald Bungener Warehouse & Logistics ronald@acpi.nl

“Besides my work at ACP I like to work on my youngtimer, mainly Renaults. 

Read more >Ronald Bungener
Andreas 320x310-001 2018.jpg Andreas Kargio Sales andreas@acpi.nl I like to spend my spare time with family and friends.  Read more >Andreas Kargio
Pascal 240x158.jpg Pascal Pius Sales pascal@acpi.nl In my spare time, I play tennis and I love to ski. Read more >Pascal Pius

Our specialists

fransje4_zw.jpg Fransje van Kooi (Online) Marketer fransje@acpi.nl

Moreover than 25 years, Fransje is graphic designer and works on the edge of design, advertising and marketing. 

Read more >Fransje van Kooi
media_364_156775_w800_fit.jpg Jeroen Devilee DevileeDesign jeroen@acpi.nl

With more that than 10 years of experience, we call Jeroen Devilee a specialist as a designer for the furniture industry. 

Read more >Jeroen Devilee

Our team is ready to serve you

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